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Nebraska Game and Parks Radio

Listen to the latest and past episodes of the Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Radio Show.

Outdoor Nebraska Sept. 17-23, 2012 Total Show Time   10:13

Open-High School Rifle Championship
Greg Wagner-Parks Open All Year
Daryl Bauer-Salamander Bait
Toni Knust-Mobile App Expansion

Jim Domeier-Fort Hartsuff Fall Events

Dick Turpin-Bad Dad

Outdoor Nebraska Sept. 10-16, 2012 -Total Show Time  10:17

Open-Valentine Refuge Lake Projects
Greg Wagner-Turkey Opening Week
Daryl Bauer-Bullhead Stockings
Kirk Nelson-Fire & Chadron State Park

Jeff Hoffman-Fire & Wildlife

Dick Turpin-Duck or Heron?

Outdoor Nebraska-Week 9/3-9/9/12 Total 9:16

Open-Wildcat Hills Birding Workshop
Scott Bonertz-Hunters Helping The Hungry
Daryl Bauer-Go Big Or Go Home
Jeff Lusk-Turkey Season

Jeff Rawlinson-Archery Deer Season

Dick Turpin-Strange Questions

Outdoor Nebraska-Week 8/27-9/2/12 Total 9:46

Open-Mahoney Disc Golf Tourney
Scott Bonertz-Aquatic Rehabs/Catfish Stockings
Daryl Bauer-Grasshopper Bait
Jeff Lusk-July Mail Carrier Survey

Jeff Rawlinson-Dove Season Tips

Dick Turpin-Thought I Saw The Light

Outdoor Nebraska 10:12 Week 8/13-8/19/2012

Open: Keeping Boat Ramps Open-Kirk Nelson
Greg Wagner: Deer-Turkey Scouting
Daryl Bauer-Fishing Regs./Bullfrogs/Fish Metro

Teresa Lombard-Hunters Helping Hungry

Dick Turpin-Blending In