Thursday, Apr. 27, 2017


Mission and Vision

Huntingne History

Huntingne was launched in the fall of 2006. Since the site was launched, we have had an incredible response from the residents of Nebraska and surrounding states. This site was developed to discuss opportunities with an open forum format and coordinated action. The participating members have common interests in hunting, fishing, wildlife and all other natural resource conservation; which in return will provide more opportunities for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities now and for future generations.

Mission and Vision

To maintain the strong tradition of and participation in hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation in Nebraska by working to identify issues and opportunities for the residents of the state of Nebraska.

Huntingne Goals

The Huntingne community will study, discuss, and identify all appropriate items on consensus subject matter related to hunting and fishing issues, wildlife and fisheries habitat conservation, and natural resource conservation in general.

Huntingne Priorities

1) Enhance the image of hunting and fishing and the general outdoors in the state of Nebraska;

2) Increase hunting, fishing and general outdoor interest, participation and retention;

3) Increase hunting, fishing and general outdoor activity access and opportunity.

4) Meet new friends that share the same passion for the Nebraska outdoors.

Huntingne Activities

As a means to increase hunting and fishing recruitment, participation, and retention, the Huntingne Management team and members are conducting Hunting and Fishing Camps with the members of the Huntingne Forums that share the same passion for the Nebraska outdoors. At these events Huntingne members are given the opportunity to participate in activities such as fishing, outdoor photography, turkey and duck calling, archery, target shooting, dog handling, and a variety of other outdoor activities led by volunteers from the member organizations of the Huntingne website.