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What happened to NE football?

Discussion in 'General Sports' started by TomKat, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. TomKat New Member

    I live in KC and we have a lot of transplanted Cornhuskers here. So what happened to your football program? You use to be the national champs, but that was a long time ago. Are you on the comeback trail?
  2. Bennington Bandit Emeritus Co-Founder

    Ahhhh man, this might get ugly:tommy:
  3. obert1 Administrator

    Can't get too much worse than it has been lately. I think the biggest thing that happened was the change of times/people. Kids don't care about hard work and values they earn at NU. It's all about fame and what can you do for me.
  4. Scott G. Owner Hunting Nebraska Outdoors Forum

    You are correct obert, next thing they will fight for is a paycheck. The kids these day's just see dollar signs at the end of their college career.

    As for the Huskers, Bo is going to bring tradition back, get the Nebraska walk on program up to speed and win the Big 12 - 3 years out of the next 5. Sorry, have to be optimistic!
  5. obert1 Administrator

    That's the thing that might put NU back toward the top. Heart and tradition. It can carry a team a long ways. Talent is important, but you can have loads of talent and have an awful team. I like Pelini's comment about the recruiting class. He said something to the effect that we don't need stars, we will create our own.
  6. Scott G. Owner Hunting Nebraska Outdoors Forum

    Exactly! Many, Many of our past stars were Husker walk ons. That to me is the number 1 tradition that failed over the Callahan Regime. Now it's go time.

    TO and Bo, what a duo!
  7. NatureChaser Member

    I'm not so optimistic about the "Walk On" program instilling are team back to a powerhouse. Tradition and heart used to win football games and even championships, but as the times have changed so has the game. It takes a lot more than a Walk on Program and instilling Tradition, Football used to be a lot more geared towards who wanted it more and who was willing to work harder in the weight room and on the practice field. IMO this is no longer the case, it takes more than wanting it and hard work, you think those Kids at USC have anything on their mind besides making it to the next level? The same goes for teams in the SEC, this day and age while still a part of success, it takes more than heart and a good work ethic, it takes a mixture of it, and what is more important this day and age "pure talent" I think focusing on reinstating a solid walk on program is nothing more than a Marketing tool geared towards fund raising, those walk on kids aren't what are going to get us back to a competitive level, it's the kids out of TX, CA, and FL with all the talent that get your program to the top. Seems BO did OK tapping some of the out of state talent (especially considering the time he had to work) he landed some decent defenders from SEC country.
  8. TomKat New Member

    At first I was happy to see NE football in the tank. Most of the fans that live here are totally obnoxouis, and not very graciouis winners, IMO. But as they have floundered in the depths of the sewer I have actually felt sorry for them. Come on Herbie, get it together! You are embarrasing the rest of us in the Big 12...
  9. 2Reddogs Hunting Nebraska registered killer, filleter and b


    I grew up in MO and am a MU Fan. I believe what has happened to the Huskers is that everyone else caught up. It is no longer the big 2 (OU & NU) and the other 6. It is the Big 11 and Baylor.

    You are not going to see the domination in College Football like you did in the past. Scholarships numbers are way down (Even compared to when Dr. Tom was here), the talent level is diluted, and the other schools (Like MU, KU, OSU...etc..) have caught up in recruiting and facilities. Tom Osborne was the one that always said not to wake up the sleeping giants of MU and KU in football.

    I hope that for Nebraska that they are on the comeback trail. The Big 12 is always a better conference when the Huskers are good. Besides I am tired of winning football bets lately.:deadhorse::biggrin5:
  10. muddy river Active Member

    Paragraph long answers are boring to read.
  11. tmrschessie Moderator

    When Nebraska started training the the other teams coaching staff then they hired a "used car salesman" to coach our team. Dang if we give them the answers and take away our coaches the other teams should get better.
    Dustin, I have to disagree, if the talented walk on program of the past coupled with a solid recruiting program tradition can go a long way in winning ...just my thoughts.
    (Sorry if I lost ya Pacman) Tom

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