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weldless homemade dp trap pics

Discussion in 'Trapping And Small Game Archives' started by ack, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. ack New Member

    here are some pics of a weldless model i made a while back. this is for those of you who like to tinker but have no welder. NO they are not for sale. the pins are made from 20penny nails. cut them about 5/16 of an inch longer then peen them over like a rivet. the cuts on the tubing must be made so the flaps at each end can be bent to the desired position.




  2. tmrschessie Moderator

    Again, THANK YOU for the time and effort you have given us. Tom
  3. ack New Member

  4. coonchaser Member

    What are the specs on the square tube? Thanks for the information.!

    ___" square?
    ___" ID?
    ___ wall thickness?

  5. ack New Member

    1.5 square
    1/16 wall
  6. tmrschessie Moderator

    Howdy all, anyone tried to make one yet? Tom
  7. coonchaser Member

    im in the process. gonna mock up one when I get some time. All the metal shops (4 in my area) said the square tube of those dimensions is special order size. Im working on finding the best price. It'll give me something to do to pass the time.
  8. tmrschessie Moderator

    I believe you can make them from about any size of tubing that you can get. You would just have to adjust the bending etc to fit...Tom
  9. ack New Member

    i have even made several from round tubing. muffler pipe and old trampoline frames work. the trick is to make the "working end" square. i made a wedge that was 1 1/2 inches square that i could drive into the end of the pipe making it square. it only has to be square for about a 1/2 inch. the rest can be round. the reason for square is the footstrap is easier to shape and the holes for the footstrap can be drilled. if the opening is round then the footstrap holes need to be slotted. in a pinch a guess a couple pieces a angle iron could be used. maybe check a salvage yard for old bed frames?
  10. tmrschessie Moderator

    Coonchaser, we have a small iron shop in Red Cloud that has plenty of square tubing. Where are you located? Tom
  11. SJ_Outdoors New Member

    so how would you make your set with this? bury it like a coon cuff?
  12. tmrschessie Moderator

    No you just stick it in the ground. The U shaped piece on the bottom is the stabilizer. If you burried it the spring would not fire.

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