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WTS T/C Encore pro-hunter barrel .243 win

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by ducks-inn, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. ducks-inn Member

    .243 win / Thompson Center Encore ProHunter barrel with forearm and sightron 3-9X40 scope.

    $375.00 / OBO

    Love the rifle just looking to move to a bolt gun. I have a line on an A-bolt, but the dealers not interested in the barrel. Would consider trade looking for .243 win (A-Bolt / Ruger 77 / Win 70 / Rem 700); would give some cash in trade depending on what you got. If you would like more photos please send me PM with E-mail and I will forward you photos. .243 prohunter.jpg
  2. ducks-inn Member

    Ok, I'm considering selling the full thing now, I can transition to the T/C pro-hunter .50 cal FX later.

    So here is the deal:
    all of the above plus:
    lower receiver with .50 cal barrel and T/C scope.

    Full gun with two barrels (.243 and .50 cal)

    Attached is an older photo, it no longer has the Wilson sight, instead I added the T/C scope T_C pro hunter.jpg
    Not really a BP I want to part with but the package does sell better. This gun has always been faithfull and will hold a 1"-2" group at 100yrds with 2 pellets.

    $975.00 / OBO
  3. ducks-inn Member

    yes I know I'm high...just give me an idea what you think it might be worth?
  4. ducks-inn Member

    Barrel SOLD. No longer selling the .50 BP

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