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should we shoot it down or not?

Discussion in 'Political Forum' started by lynn, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. lynn Member

    Newt just said hed do what ever it took to keep N Korea from firing its new toy. i have to agree with him. do you? and do you think our press will do any thing? i dont
  2. muddy river Active Member

    I think he'll do something. He'll smile and shake Kim Jong Il's hand, tell him how happy he is to meet him, apologize to him for everything the US has ever done to upset him, and offer him the US assistance on his rocket program. I kid, I kid.
  3. lynn Member

    i dont think your that far off the path. i hope your wrong. the last thing the freak KIM JONG needs is a new toy like that. blow the dam thing up Obama and ill move your grade up to a B= for balls
  4. tmrschessie Moderator

    If they practice the launce, we should practice shooting it down...
  5. hunter1370 Member

    :th_a115:Yeah shoot it, shoot it! I love fireworks!

    wait for it: BOOM :fireworks::party0003:
  6. MrGadget New Member

    As on the trap range: "PULLLLL...."
  7. momsworry Hunting Nebraska Registered Member -

    What would Ronald Reagan do?
  8. lynn Member

    what a little wimp you are obama. you should of blown it out of the sky and sent the right message to north Korea. but no. whose god d-- side are you on? not mine.
  9. whisker Management Staff

    I thought japan was taking the lead on this one. I also read that there is and will be "intelligent" responses to the launch.
    President Obama is also asking that the United Nations Security Council will deal with this and other threats as a unified group. Some of you guys dog will the new President in this post, and at every given chance, yet proclaim WE ARE NOT THE WORLDS POLICE FORCE in another conversation. Would you prefer he take actions alone and without the consent and cooperation of our allies?
    Oh - wait that was the bush administrations tactics.
  10. lynn Member

    (Would you prefer he take actions alone and without the consent and cooperation of our allies?) YES!!!! screw the UN. what have they ever done? and done it right? NOTHING. and we are the sheriff of the free world get it threw your heads. thats a lot better than just being a deputy. to hell with the UN. dont need them dont want them sticking their noses in our bizz any more.
  11. whisker Management Staff

  12. lynn Member

    i can only remember one that korea tried to launch and it failed.ps Bush sucked i was never a fan.
  13. whisker Management Staff

    The long range missile launched in 2006 did launch and reportedly failed 40 seconds after launch. I don't think it's a matter of a successful flight or not,...it's a matter of "they pushed the button", during the same week that they "tested" several other short range missiles.
    north korea reports this weekends missile an orbiting success, while US intelligence quotes it as "all boosters and payload falling into the sea".
  14. lynn Member

    the guys a nut case. and to have any kind of ICBM is just unexcept able.
  15. obert1 Administrator

    I'd rather see us take down the man instead of taking down the missle. Neither will happen since our current president is too weak.
  16. whisker Management Staff

    Bush did so much to deter North Korea huh?
    I HOPE President Obama can renew and strengthen the relationships between the U.S.A. and the rest of the civilized world. Considering the collapsed dung heap of domestic policy and diplomatic relations that bush left him,...he's got a tough road ahead on ALL his fronts. President Obama needs to and is trying to patch up the relations which bush destroyed with many of our previous allies and reestablish our postion of respect in the free world,(also destroyed by bush). At least he's starting the healing and repair processes instead of dropping his pants and mooning his a$$ to the rest of the world like bush did.......for 8 years! It's obvious that bush's tough guy act didn't bother the true threats to world peace very much. They're still out there developing weapons of war quite openly and thumbing their nose at us.
  17. obert1 Administrator

    Obama is weak. the worst thing is he is displaying that weakness to the rest of the world. Endangering each and every one of us in the United States. North Korea sees it. I'd rather have a President who drops his drawers to moon the rest of the world, than the president we have now who drops his drawers "to take it" from the rest of the world. Hillary even has bigger coconuts than Obama. It's not like any of this is a surprise though. We all knew that whe it became apparant Obama didn't pan out as the saviour that the blame game was going to come about. "Well it's Bush's fault." Great argument. My little kids do the same thing. But they have excuses, they are toddlers.

  18. whisker Management Staff

    Pure republican HOGWASH!

    How's he supposed to pan out at ANYTHING yet? He hasn't even been in office a hundred days. He's at least making efforts and working hard to re-establish contact with other countries,...many of them our allies,...the countries bush thumbed his nose at. And they are receptive to him too. President Obama has gained more ground around the globe in eight weeks than bush did in eight years!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, making up for all the respect bush lost this country in those eight years,...that's what's going to take BALLS and a lot of hard work. Your toddlers should be thankful we now have a President working to better their lives instead of his own agenda and the betterment of his rich republican pals. I cannot believe the people that openly blame ANY of our current problems on a president who just took office. Typical republican HOGWASH.
  19. obert1 Administrator

    Excuse #2
  20. obert1 Administrator

    again, nothing

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