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Schroeder Cage Trap

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by NECoyoteHunter, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. I have a very large Schroeder Cage Trap (Model 2200SL) that is 48Lx16Wx22H with a bait door on top that is in good shape and I would like to trade it for preferrably two Schroeder Cage Traps (either 1500SL or 1500RL) with bait doors. These would be heavy duty 36Lx15Wx15H in size.

    Schroeder no longer makes traps this size. They are big enough to easily fit dog-sized animals and were designed for bobcats. I did purchase it for the intent of trapping bobcats, but since I only trap in early November, I have no use for it. I'd just as well have two coon traps instead.

    If you are not familiar with Schroeder's traps, these are about as heavy-duty cage traps as you will find.

    Or I would sell it for the price of two Schroeder 1500RLs with bait doors.
  2. HAMMER Member

    How much cash is that? I am interested.
  3. They want $67.00 per 1500RL with bait door. . . . so that would be $134.00 for two traps.
  4. HAMMER Member

  5. Slatusa Member

    That does look like one of John's traps. I helped him build those for afew years. I remember when I was helping him he even got a call from Canada wanting to know if he could build some large enough for bear.


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