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Riverview Marina SRA Closed for Now

Discussion in 'Outdoors / Nebraska Game & Parks News Releases' started by obert1, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. obert1 Administrator


    Just in case you were wondering when you would become a Fanatical Nascar Fan I posted all the titles and the post amount needed to hit that title. I may change them and the required amount of post if it seems people are hitting the titles to fast or a better name comes along.

    Wanna Be Nascar Fan 0
    Nascar Fan 30
    Serious Nascar Fan 100
    Fanatical Nascar Fan 175
    Nascar Spotter 275
    Nascar Pit Crew Member 400
    Nascar Crew Chief 550
    Nascar Driver 625
    Nascar Owner 750
  2. 20xbetter Guest

    Professor Dictator


    YOU'RE going to decide if people are hitting the titles too fast??
    What kind of Nazi crap is that???
  3. obert1 Administrator


    This is mainly just in case someone posted 100 post of just saying hello. I don't think it would change for any other reason than that.
  4. Bennington Bandit Emeritus Co-Founder

    I feel like I'm back playing BF2 trying to get my next rank, only this time I'm in no big hurry and I don't have to go to class.
  5. ICE New Member


    Nice work on the titles ICE. You are the overlord of titleology!!:notworthy: :notworthy:

  6. 20xbetter Guest


    What happens when I MAX out?? Are you going to limit how many times I can post??? I've got a lot of good stuff to say.:chatterbox: :chatterbox: :chatterbox:

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