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Processing furs (video coon fleshing and stretching)

Discussion in 'Trapping And Small Game Archives' started by HAMMER, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. HAMMER Member

    I have seen a lot of very helpful info on new sets and how to skin different fur bearers. I have never been shown how to finish a fur after skinning. What I was wondering is could somebody explain, preferably with pics, the next steps after the skinning is done. I was also wondering what advantages there are for going any further with a hide. All feedback is appreciated!
  2. tmrschessie Moderator

    Processing furs

    Well it is a little late in this season to get a pictorial demonstration of fleshing and properly stretching a fur bearer.
    But will see if I can find some good examples, I have a video of doing a bobcat but do not know how to put it on here.
    There are a couple of advantages to putting up the fur you harvest. The first is self satisfaction in taking the fur from start to finish. This is the main reason most trappers do it.

    The second reason is that when you take your fur to the buyer and they do not offer you what the fur is worth to you, it can be picked up and taken home. Then taken to another buyer or ship to one of the big fur auctions. Thus you have the choice of taking what the local buyer offers or the gamble that the international buyers will pay more.
    Today for example the buyers wanted coon and were paying up to two and three times what local buyers were paying a couple months ago. So either you take the gamble or the local fur buyer takes the gamble....Tom
  3. HAMMER Member

    Processing furs

    Thanks Tom. I know it is late for this but I am thinking about fur all year long. Always looking for new ideas. Some pics or vid would be wonderful. Maybe later or in another post you could talk about selling on the big fur auctions. I wouldn't even know where to start to get into that market. Thanks.
  4. tmrschessie Moderator

    Processing furs

    Here ya go, fleshing and stretching a coon...Tom

  5. HAMMER Member

    Processing furs

    That was a great vid. Thanks Tom. Just a quick question though. How come the head does not get fleshed? Is this just this guys personal preference?
  6. tmrschessie Moderator

    Processing furs

    I flesh the head to make it look more professional. Also I trim most of the ear cartilage. The big fur processors don't waste time on the head as it is not required to sell at the big fur auctions, like NAFA or FHA....Tom
  7. tmrschessie Moderator

    Hammer, I changed the title to your post a little to let others know what is in here. Tom
  8. cnelk Member

    When I flesh my coyotes, I just take the fleshy stuff between the front legs, belly area, and anything on the back.

    I use Borax around the head/ears to stiffen that area up so it doesnt slip (lots of cartilage).

    As Tom stated, NAFA & FHA dont really care about the head area.

    FHA (Fur Harvesters Assn) has some good info on their site about skinning/stretching.

  9. HAMMER Member

    Thanks for all the input guys. Some great info. Would one of you guys want to talk about how to sell on the big markets instead of having to sell to local guys. It seems to me that if you are going to put the extra effort into these furs, you would want to put the extra effort into selling them also. Thanks again.
  10. cnelk Member

    I've had a little better prices from NAFA than FH. But thats just me.

    Here is NAFA's link:
    NAFA - North American Fur Auctions

    Go the wild fur sellers dropdown menu and research the info under shipping to NAFA.

    Is pretty easy. You register, they send you shipping tags for the fur, receiving dates, sale dates and so on.

    Sometimes your fur does not sell, and is held-over until the next sale.

    But remember, these are the big boy buyers(world wide)
    Your fur will be graded and placed in a "lot" of other fur graded the same as yours.

    You can track your all of your fur online too (bobcat/coyote/fox/etc)

    A couple of years ago I got a really nice bobcat. I sent it to different buyers to see what they would offer.

    I still got the best price thru NAFA (even after commision) - $575
  11. HAMMER Member

    Thanks cnelk. That helps. I did find the NE depot is only about 25 miles from where I live. I didn't have a clue it was that close. I even know the guy. It sounds like it should be pretty easy to sell with NAFA.
  12. trapperkeck New Member

    Hammer, I have had Gary Macke send some fur to the auction for me and it is very simple. Just drop them off, give him a little info and wait for your check. BTW, I lived in Creighton until last Aug. when I moved to Crofton.
  13. tmrschessie Moderator

    Met Gary at the Nebraska Fur Harvesters fall convention a couple years ago...he is the NAFA pick up person for our region, if i remember it right. Tom
  14. agent New Member

    Where did you get your Fleshing beam??

    Can you use that same beam for coon and Rats??
  15. tmrschessie Moderator

    I will make a pictorial "How to make your own fleshing beam" as soon as time permits ....Tom
  16. tmrschessie Moderator

    Folks there are a ton of ideas for fleshing beams on the trapping forum now so I am going to hold off hoping one of you will do the pictorial of how you made your beam...if no one steps forward I will do one before trapping season. It only takes a day to make one. Tom
  17. I would sure be interested in watching a video of coon skinning and fleshing!
  18. tmrschessie Moderator

  19. CrookedBarrel New Member

    Here is a mink skinning thing I did so this is how to do most animals in skinning .
    Start out by cutting around all legs at the ankel's
    then split down the back of the legs to the vent or rectome
    Work around the hips and tail of animal to strip tail bone out of fur
    I like to use a tail puller to strip Bone out
    Pull down Pelt tell you reach the front shoulders
    feel for the opening of leg to front shoulder and poke a finger through
    Once found and poked finger pull down tell you reached the cut mark which you first did
    Once around them front legs pull and work with knife to work down around the ear butt's and the eyes
    Once you got that far then work the pelt off the nose and lower jaw and cut the cardlage off behind the Nose .
    Once you have pelt off carcuss then slide on beam and flesh not much to do on mink
    before fleshing be sure to split tail like in photo .
    photo of split tail
    Once fleshed put on board and pin to let dry
    Please don't take this thread to another site

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