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Pet Gestapo in Omaha? maybe!

Discussion in 'Political Forum' started by sbode, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. sbode Member

    Omaha weird heralds title "Mean Dog Targeted"

    The city is pussy footing around the real issue of pit bulls and tryng to drag every breed into the potential mean dog category. "Mark Langan, A Nebraska Humane Society officer said that (mean dog label) could apply to a dog that chases a mailman to his truck". How many dogs wouldn't like to chase a mailman?

    Pretty soon you'll have the pet gestapo knocking on your door because a neighbor complained about your dog just because they don't get along with you. I think this potential ordinance that the city is considering could lead to the Humane society getting more power than they should have.
  2. Scott G. Owner Hunting Nebraska Outdoors Forum

    Their is such a fine line on this issue it's sickening. It all comes down to the owners of the threatening dogs. For them to label all dogs that want to "chase the mailman" is rediculous. But then the mailman should not have to worry about being chased by any breed of dog. If the owners would take more responsibility for their dogs actions we would not have such a "possible" widespread ban.

    Here are some stats that I looked up several weeks ago after the latest attack in Omaha - DOG BITE LAW - Statistics about dog bites in the USA and elsewhere
  3. tmrschessie Moderator

    ...If the owners would take more responsibility for their dogs actions we would not have such a "possible" widespread ban....

    Being reponsible for your actions or lack there of is the single bigest problem in this country.
    Lots of good data in the link...Tom
  4. skunkhunter Well-Known Member

    Mailmen, meter readers, etc get bitten thousands of times each year. As a retired
    Postal Service manager, I've seen the grief and suffering dog attacks bring. All the laws in the world won't stop it, so many local governments have banned ownership of
    at risk animal breeds. I don't like it, but I also don't like 15 month old babies being mauled
    because some knothead lets his dog run the streets.

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