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Patriot or traitor...

Discussion in 'Political Forum' started by tmrschessie, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Pope & Young Member

    Headhunter - Are you for real? What have YOU done for this country? Where is the Transperency Obama promised? Where is the "CHANGE" he promised? No more Pork Earmarks...oh that's right...it is last years business... so it os ok....I'll sign it!

    Ok...tell me what our new President has done so far to earn a c grade? Please be specific?

    I am sure you were just kidding around with your posts earlier...no one can be that clueless...thank you in advance for pointing out the areas I'm missing.

    I have a feeling you response is not going to be very specific is it? Ok...just say A lot of Nothing Really well and maybe 63% will believe you anyway....who cares about specifics...it is only our country right....
  2. HeadHunter Well-Known Member

    I guess Obama should just get out his magic wand and this all would come to an end. If he was a real man he would have had all of this accomplished in the first 3 days in office. And your welcome for pointing out the areas you so conveniently missed, you obviously read nothing that I wrote. At what point did I say that he earned a C grade. If you would read correctly it says that I don't believe he has earned a grade yet? Oh yeah, lynn gave him the grade.... but then again it's easy to confuse the two.

    And I am the clueless one? Yet, am I the one asking for "change" in the first three months? Did this mess take only three months to create? And as far as the whole what have I done for this country is concerned.... do you see me sitting around bitching about the incompetency of the white house? It's been almost three months since I have had to do that so now I am willing to let the man do his job(that he was elected for btw) and then give him a fair assessment after that. You know what I would like to know.... what would make you happy? What results would tickle your pickle, or keep your mouth shut? What would your "dream president" or "dream cabinet" be? I am sure you have them all picked out, and they would do a much better job...
  3. lynn Member

    my dream cabinet would all have payed their taxes. get it H-H ? our press is having a prob doing just that. HAY no body's perfect.YA RIGHT how a bought a press that does what he said he would. CHANGE CHANGE every day thats all we heard. well lets see some change. signing 8700+ earmarks aint change. same good old boys doing the same good old boy bull crap. the only change iv seen so far is in color. and that part does not matter to me. keep your word, do what you said you would.How hard is that ta do?
  4. bowonly Well-Known Member

    SO what your saying is you sat around and bitched about Bush , but its not okay for us who dont agree with Obama to bitch about his ludacris lies? It is a democracy but you know what unlike Obama I respect the men and women who died to make this country what it is, so I think it would be a good idea if you got your bs straight before you try and be the political forum supervisor and act like your all high and mighty.

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  5. lynn Member

  6. DrewArtist Active Member

  7. DrewArtist Active Member

    You know, its really bad when you need turn to a Comedian to get truth on the news! Or I should say its bad when The Daily Show is a better platform for news then the major news networks.
  8. HeadHunter Well-Known Member

  9. tmrschessie Moderator

    What in the name of righteousness would have made him even try to make vets pay for service conected problems. That in it's self shows his lack of knowledge as it pertains to a "Commander in Chief"

    OH and now they want to give gitmo detainees a bunch of money when they let them out on the streets of America....must want to make sure they can purchase their needs for attacking us....
  10. lynn Member

    my thoughts to
  11. tmrschessie Moderator

    ABC....(A Bunch of Communists) help any?
  12. momsworry Hunting Nebraska Registered Member -

    He didn't change his mind because of the veterans organizations, he changed his mind because his staff told him it would be politically expedient to do so. They are already working on the second term, dontcha know. I hate to be the one to tell them, so maybe you can. The are schidt out of luck for a second term. That is UNLESS they can make all the illegals legal and do it really soon. The text message generation won't wait too much longer ya know. If not in the next 45 days, the next term is TOAST. If you don't think so, check back with me some time early November 2012. The chant will be, "anyone but Obama." And that too will be scary, I will admit that. The longer they wait, the stronger the grass roots effort to defeat will become. Strike while the iron is hot. Obama is doing it in so many other ways, but ignoring the one thing that will ensure him and all libs power FOREVER. Crap, I hope he's not reading this.

    If Obama, like Clinton, didn't have a stiff member between his limbs for the military, he might be able to convince people that he was "wrong" and really feels for the poor downtrodden members of the military. Most of us are able to see through his ruse. We have an almost 8 year long history of their side rooting for failure in the efforts of the military.
  13. HeadHunter Well-Known Member

    You know... there was a reason that I stayed out of this room to begin with.... think I will follow that logic right back out the door. Have fun and god bless....
  14. lynn Member

    id rather be funny than a dummy:ROFL:
  15. muddy river Active Member

    If I had a dollar for every time I've read this. They always come back. You're as likely to stay out of here as Whisker is to stay out of the BON forum. Not likely at all.
  16. whisker Management Staff

    Looks like the peanut gallery is making the rounds today too.
  17. lynn Member

    you give up to easy HEAD HUNTER. you blooded my nose pretty good the other day. I LOVED IT.CAN I HAVE ANOTHER?? look at Whiskers post above about the peanut gallery. NOW THAT'S FUNNY I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE
  18. Willhuntforfood Well-Known Member

    Yea those pesky opinions always get in the way don't they? All or nothing from now on..... Maybe we should all be :censored: on what we think or say.:mad0243:
  19. obert1 Administrator

    That would be a different Nebraska forum.
  20. muddy river Active Member



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