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obama views on guns....

Discussion in 'Political Forum' started by tmrschessie, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. tmrschessie Moderator

    Another fact on Obama gun issue . He voted for the banning of all guns with a caliber larger then .50 . Tha would of taken all shotguns bigger then the .410

    Here's a fact for you, Obama sponsored legislation that would have shut down every gun store in Illinois by prohibiting gun sales within 5 miles of a school. That is a fact but not one of the facts that Obama supporters want to talk about.

    Now he professes to back the 2nd amendment

  2. momsworry Hunting Nebraska Registered Member -

    If he were to say what he truly intended to know, all but those on the far extreme left would be scared away. You will never hear the whole story on what his real agenda is, the media won't allow it.
  3. muddy river Active Member

    momsworry will you just leave already? Go back to that other shotty site you frequent.
  4. Maze Member

    That's the main reason I vote republican! Most are pro-gun.

    Almost all democrates want to ban them in some way or another.

    The media is as left winged as the democrates. You never hear anything good that comes from a gun. All you hear is the violence. I dont trust the media almost as much as the dems.
  5. old oat Member

    :approval:momsworry- don't listen to them i like every post you make no matter what site your postin on. great minds think alike.
  6. Keith S. New Member

    I can't believe that here on a hunting forum that there are people that want to put this guy in office. I mean really, do some of you really want someone in there that wants to take your RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS away from you??? It just doesn't make sense to me...
  7. tmrschessie Moderator

    Looks like a non issue, McCain/Palin look like they are pulling ahead or even in many of the blue states. We who are on the correct side need to make sure we get all our friends, neighbors, casual acquaintance votes...Tom
  8. chopper Member

    Tom.....let him have it
  9. tmrschessie Moderator

    NP, locked and loaded, we can attack in any direction and win....Tom
  10. tmrschessie Moderator

    Chopper, by the way how did the hunt go yesterday afternoon? Tom
  11. chopper Member

    No luck, saw a couple smaller bucks, but no does. Did have 4 coons messing around in front of me, took some pics, but they didnt turn out.
  12. bswanson New Member

    Tom what polls are you looking at? The ones I have seen in the last day or so have Obama in the lead and its getting bigger everyday.
  13. skunkhunter Well-Known Member

    In 2000, I voted a strict pro gun ticket. In 2004 there were other issues that I thought
    Bush would be the right choice. This year, I'm back to voting a strict pro gun ticket.
    George Soros and his lady friend, Rebecca Peters are strong Obama supporters. Everyone should know who Soros is, but ms peters is the architect of the Australia gun ban. If you recall Australia didn't stop with "Assault Rifles". 870s, 1100s, and all their
    ilk are no longer legal there.
  14. Maze Member

    I'm not saying to take away the freedom of the press........I just wish they would work both sides instead of all the gun violenece.
  15. Maze Member

    What other right have been weakened?

    Republican scare tactic??? How about the democratic truth! So the NRA are a bunch of liers? How about looking at how Obama, Kerry, Clinton voted on past gun isses......that will tell you it's no scare tactic! They'll attempt to dis arm you and if they cant, they will tax the hell out of your ammo so you cant afford to shoot it. Or they'll shut down gun makers! One way or another they'll attempt to do away with fire arms. It has happened in other countries and it can happen in ours.
  16. tmrschessie Moderator

    The sky is falling....the sky is falling....ya right...but they do try for our guns every chance they get. They being leading democratic office holders or seekers. That is documented fact.
  17. tmrschessie Moderator

    first polls this morning did have obama leading...yesterday and the day before it was McCain. Tom
  18. Shorty Active Member

    Here is the daily Gallup poll.

    Gallup Daily: Obama Now Leads McCain by 5 Points

    GW is right, the polls mean little right now, they will start to mean something once there has been a couple of debates, but even then "events" could happen that shift the polls either way just before the election.
  19. tmrschessie Moderator

    Well i hope you all want to give you guns up if by any chance he wins....he has made that stand very clear. Tom
  20. Shorty Active Member

    Not a chance that is going to happen.

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