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NE game prediction

Discussion in 'General Sports' started by Labwhisperer, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Labwhisperer Active Member

    Points are 4 right now for NE. Going to be a good game to say the least, hope Crick gets in a few good sacks !!! Who do ya think is starting QB ?
  2. bowonly Well-Known Member

    bet lee will start this one
  3. Labwhisperer Active Member

    Im saying Martinez, he showed something in that first game and may want to see how he does against some college level defense. I think Lee is being held due to shoulder and saving for bigger games ? Will know what is going to happen when James weighs in on this conversation (I am not betting any more beer on this LOL)
  4. obert1 Administrator

    Martinez starts, will see Green and won't see Lee on the field. 38-24.
  5. James Watson BON Board of Director

    Martinez will start and get almost all the snaps, Green MIGHT see a series or two. Lee does not play unless up big. I think we win by 10 or more and Locker throws his first two picks of the season. Roy gets the rock a bit more and rushes for over 120.
  6. Labwhisperer Active Member

    Damn James you were close !!! What are good numbers for powerball ??? :notworthy:
  7. bowonly Well-Known Member

    James man I gotta ask ya how ya know all this crap?
  8. Labwhisperer Active Member

    Hes from the future dont ya know Hahahahaha I would say just lucky ?
  9. James Watson BON Board of Director

    Huge husker fan, follow recruiting year round, know a few players, get some good info.
  10. Labwhisperer Active Member

    And the truth shall set us free:notworthy:
  11. Danny Hernandez Active Member

    Huskers Illustrated....................................
  12. stickemdeep15 BON Board of Director

    Hey Hernandez, I think your thinking we are talking about Soccer. Wrong kind of Football . Ha
  13. Labwhisperer Active Member

    Just curious, but do ya think there is even going to be a line for the game this week ?
  14. HAMMER Member

    Heard it was -42 for the good guys. Doubt you will get a bookie to take it though.
  15. bowonly Well-Known Member

    Lets just fast forward to the Texas game!
  16. Huntges11 Active Member

    Hold on bowonly, we have Granny Snyder and the mildcats to trash first! Texasmageddon will come soon enough! And when it does...............oh my!
  17. Labwhisperer Active Member

    That Texas game is going to be good payback !!! Gotta give SD credit for at least admitting that they are coming here to lose.
    They mostly are coming for the party and girls ! I would !!
  18. BoB_25 Active Member

    You guys think Nebraska will cover 47 1/2 points???? I know we will win but man thats a huge spread.
  19. HeadHunter Well-Known Member

    I can't believe a bookie would even take that....
  20. Huntges11 Active Member

    Where's the Wizard of Watson? What no prediction for the jackrabbits James?

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