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muzzleloader range

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by jhunter16, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. jhunter16 New Member

    What kind of effective range do you guys get out of your muzzleloaders? What kind of loads to you use, scope, etc. I'm just trying to get a decent idea of what kind of range I could expect to take a shot at. I shoot a T/C .50 inline with 150 gr. of powder and 250 gr. bullets and can consistently put four shots into a table coaster at 100 yards. (Sighted in 1 inch high) Thanks!
  2. soylent green0018 Well-Known Member

    Only you are going to be able to decide how far you are willing to shoot... Me, 150 yrds is about the max I would be willing to go. I have yet to even come close to having to make that kind of shot though. Lots of guys will say different, but I think if you are going to push a bullet that size out any further you better rethink your plan and maybe go with something smaller, bullet-wise.
  3. Pro-Hunt Member

    Range is totally dependent on YOUR abilities! A well sighted in muzzy is more than capable of shooting 250 yards. I personally am not going to shoot that far with a muzzy though. It also depends on the wind. Wind will REALLY push a slow, heavy muzzy bullet around. For example the bullet/load I shoot will drift over 4inches at a 100 yards and over 17inches at 200 yards in a 15mph wind.

    One other thing is you should really think about dropping your powder charge down some. In my personal (and many others) experience, every magazine article that did testing and every powder/bullet company that I have talked with all say you loose accuracy with a 150 grain load. Most companies said to start with 90 grains and work up from there to find the sweet spot for accuracy. Most said it will be between 100 grains and 130 grains tops. A "table coaster" group with a scoped muzzy at 100 yards is not great by any means. At 1 inch high at 100 yards with a 250 grain bullet you will more than likely be over 8 inches low at 200 yards but would need to shoot to verify that. At 300 yards you will be more than a yard (36 inches) low so you can see how fast it starts dropping at 200 yards.

    Best advise is to shoot a lot at a lot of different ranges and figure out how far you trust yourself to shoot ethically.

    Have a great season and remember just because a gun manufacturer says it 'can' shoot that far doesn't mean 'you' can shoot that far unless you have done it and are comfortable doing it.
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  4. elkstalkr Well-Known Member

    300 grain hornady xtp with a harverster sabot and approx. 34 grains of 5744. Have a Leupold VX-III 4.5-14X40 on it. 200 yards is my personal limit with this setup and I have taken 2 deer at that distance with it. Of course the vast majority of my kills are under 100 yards.
  5. midwestmadmen Member

    You must be using one of those Savage muzzle loaders that can shoot blackpowder or smokeless?
  6. nick New Member

    I shoot a traditions pursuit and I'm pretty accurate out to
  7. nutter Active Member

    i've seen coaster sized groups out of a scoped T/C omega at 250+ yds. of course the guy shooting spent enough money testing bullets, sabots, and powders working up the perfect load that he couldve bought another gun. the savage is ridiculous, it ranges even farther- basically a caseless hp rifle.
  8. jhunter16 New Member

    i wish i had the opprotunity to practice at 200 yards+, just too see how it shoots. anybody know of any good public places around the omaha or lincoln area with a long range?
  9. elkstalkr Well-Known Member

    Yea, I'm shooting a savage. Honestly 300 yards is about the max range on that gun, and you would really need to practice to achieve that. I have only seen 300 yard shots taken with that gun on TV. I have never talked to or met anyone that has shot it at game beyond 200. Pretty much like any modern muzzleloader it will shoot out to 200 yds pretty easy but it does it with out all the smoke and mess. Some guys like the smoke, I hated it. So I cut it out and still get the same experience any modern muzzleloader will give me.
  10. whitetailfreak New Member

    Ne Nebraska gun club near Springfield range goes to 600yds
  11. jessie davis New Member

    Longest muzz shot I've seen was 200 yards right on the nose.
  12. DrewArtist Active Member

    The Grand Island range is nice. But its a day trip.
  13. ducks-inn Member

    I would second Soylent and Prohunter, it's going to be up to what you are confident at. However with that said know your limits.
  14. 5star Member

    I shoot 100 gr loose 777 with 200 gr TC bullets out to 150 and have small amount of drop and wind effects the lighter bullet less. Don't kick quite as much either.

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