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Make your own DP trap (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Trapping, Varmint, And Small Game Hunting' started by tmrschessie, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. tmrschessie Moderator

    We have been given permission by "Ack" from the trapperman site to repost this how to....

    Sorry the pics are terrible but you should still be able to make them out. Made this this evening using a drill press, welder, and a sawzall with a metal blade. 1 1/2 thin walled square tubing. #9 galvanized wire for the strap. A 20 penny nail for the dog. The bolt out the bottom is a 3/8 carriage bolt about 6 inches long.

    The small hole is for the spring bolt. 3/8. The large hole is 5/8 with a nail tack welded. I flatened both sides of the nail with a hammer and anvil.


    After bolting the spring on I bent the ends to the approx. Angle shown. This takes quite abit of the pressure off.

    Drill 2 holes for the strap as shown.


    Bend the spring arms down and mark them where it meets the holes and bend them in a vise.

    Attach #9 wire to springs by wrapping.

    This pic shows the trigger and a nail used for the dog. A small piece approx. 14 gauge sheet metal is welded to the end off the tubing to attach the dog.

    I also tack welded a #9 wire, bent to the same size as the tubing, to the end of the tube so I did not have to worry about the sharp end.


    Base plate and chain added. Also 3/8 carraige bolt to spear the trap to the ground.

    In the set position.


    painted white and ready to use.

    Edited by ack (04/20/08 09:04 PM)
    20' Treehugger

    also here is a similar trap with a snare used...

    This should get those creative juices flowing. Ack said he felt he could make the trap for around 3 dollars each. Buying the spring and using scrap around the place... here is a link with the spring.

    Tractor Supply Company - Round Baler Teeth, 0.177 Wire, Fits John Deere Models 327, 336, 346, 337, 347 and 467

  2. tmrschessie Moderator

    Well has anyone tried to make one? Tom
  3. buckmaster Member

    I am getting the parts together to make a few. I have ordered two doz lil grizz so that I have a dp trap just in case the ones I make do not work. Tom have you made any homemade dp traps like this one? Do you know if the foot snare trap in the pick would be legal for public ground before feb.? I ask because you can not use snares on public ground intill feb. IJames
  4. tmrschessie Moderator

    You will have to talk to your local game warden, since the trap only fires by pulling on it. Thus the DP name. Tom

    P.S. No I have not made any of these yet. I have used the board with a hole in the center with good success though for a dop proof trap.

    Also when you talk to your game warden about the trap with the snare in it, point out that it is a foot snare, target specific trap. Maybe print off that picture to take with you. Tom
  5. tmrschessie Moderator

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