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Johnson lake tournie june 9th

Discussion in 'BowFishing' started by Skaggs, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Skaggs Member

    Is anybody not local planning on shootin` this 1 ??
  2. Force Feed BON Board of Director

    Yes I will be there and so will three others from O town that I know of. You coming?
  3. Skaggs Member

    yea and will check but thinkin at least 3 others from holdrge n prob 1 if nt 2 from lex....maybe even a pink team from alma gna text a few shortly
  4. Skaggs Member

    just gt a txt from pinnkie no alma team
  5. Force Feed BON Board of Director

    Spread the word about the tournies this weekend
  6. Skaggs Member

    I lied gonna be funeralin`
  7. Force Feed BON Board of Director

    Sorry to hear that Skaggs.... Theres Sherman on Sunday tho

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