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Hunting Santee Sioux Reservation

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by Mad Dog, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Mad Dog New Member

    Lots of questions over the years about this place and here's what I'll say in 8 years of experience:

    The Game Warden Don LaPointe is probably the 2nd dumbest guy you'll ever meet. The land is poorly marked and there has been an influx of Mississippi Hunters (60+) the past 2 years who don't give a damn about the game or the land. I've seen (2) groups of nearly 30 Mississippi dumb ****s piss everybody off with trespassing, shooting everything that moves, and trying to block access roads to draws that lead down the river. The problem is Don is all chummy-chummy with these maggots (they pay Don off) so he blames all the complaints on folks from MN, IA, and NE. It's a bunch of crap and I've got a free bullet for all of them.

    Don, if you read this I suggest you get your ass up at the crack of dawn and start doing your job and watching these MS idiots like so many of us have told you for years.

    The deer populations has been decimated by poor land management and unforgiveable hunting ethics. Deer, Turkey...it's not like it once was at all....

    Part of the problem nobody talks about is the increased cougar presence in the MO River Valley...walk down those draws at 4:00a.m. and sit and shoot your deer, just make sure your deer is cleaned and back at the truck before dawn and you've got a buddy watching as you clean your kill. Couagr...coyotes...they are all very thick there and back in a bad way. They used to say the coyotes had mange out there....well, I've seen 10 coyotes the last 3 years and all of them looked very healthy and big...I suspect they've mixed in with german shepards or other larger dogs from the reservation.

    I've been out there 8 years and seen 3 cats, 2 this past year...they are there and they are very thick but the farmers are starting to put a dent in them with the shoot, shovel, shut up approach.

    The #1 idiot you'll ever meet is Jimmy Dean at Jimmy Dean's bar who sells licenses to everybody and anybody and is a complete drunk idiot. He and Don sit back and bad mouth each other as both of them sell licenses to everybody. Don had the brilliant idea of suggesting a lottery for deer season this year...huh? No need Don, just start booting the guys from the SE who shoot everything.

    The Santee Sioux Tribe is a very peaceful tribe, 99% of their people are very good natured. It's the same problem everywhere, put a couple of morons in charge and watch them ruin a good thing.

    I won't be returning to Santee to hunt....idiots on forums like this ask stupid questions...be a man, drive out there, do your homework with the locals, learn why this once was a diamond in the rough and is now a shoot em up game farm for wimps who like to hunt with automatics jumping out of trucks.

    You want a great place to hunt...I suggest you get in your trucks, drive there, and start making friends with the farmers and looking for private land access.

    Mad Dog from MN 'Born to hunt, bred to work hard so I can buy my own land'
  2. mississippi proud New Member

    Just a little note to the liberial yankee. I am from mississippi and pride myself in doing the right thing when i am hunting, whether i am on my land, my neighbors land or in nebraska. Also me and 4 to 6 friends hunt at santee ne. and standing rock sd. indian reservation for past 6 years. Before you start calling out people from mississippi, take a look at yourself and your state and your northern states. as i recall each year there are just as many MN. and IA. trucks if not more than MS. I'm not saying everybody from ms. is perfect but niether are yall. I have been blocked by trucks, also hunting behind foot travel only gates, had people sleeping in trucks waiting on daylight with mn. tags. So either deal with it or dont come. As for Don Lapointe I caint say nothing bad. We have went to his house and check deer in as late as 9 at night and he would be out working with hunters and his wife would check deer. In short find yall a nother place to hunt, and I will say this you said you had a bullet for us, well I promis down here for every bullet you have we have 10 times as many right back at you, and we dont miss.
  3. DUHunt Active Member

    Dueling Banjos!
  4. HeadHunter Well-Known Member

    You should probably have some kind of proof before you start accusing people by name on a public forum....
  5. Flatcoats Administrator

    If you don't miss why would you need that many bullets????

    I suggest you guys take this to PM if you have issues. We don't need this crap on our forum from either one of you.
  6. thumpper Member

    Troll maybe???

    1 post each by those two people?

    Not saying I don't disagree/agree with the first post but still.. I've been VERY VERY curious about that area but it isn't for deer hunting it's more for waterfowl. And I'm guilty of internet scouting on it and I've taken some advise from people on that general area before.

    However still haven't been up there and have wanted to for the last 3 years.
  7. Wildfire Member

    This is awesome! This should bring tons of traffic to this forum.

    In be-fo da lock! :fireworks:
  8. scooby Hunting Nebraska Registered Member -

    I for one am surprised this thread has not been deleted. As for Flatcoats comment I agree with the last sentence but am wondering where you are coming from on the first. Shooting at people should not be an option or even joked about. Delete both 1st time posts and be done with this whole thing before it turns into a real mess.
  9. hotrodswmn1 New Member

    Wow, here is a real winner.What is really the problem here ''little man syndrome?'' Please stop making Minnesota look bad,after all, your great Viking quarterback is from Mississippi.Everyone from MN does not have this guy's attitude.Did someone kill a bigger deer or something and it p***** you off. For those of you who haven't visited the reservation, please do not listen to this guy.I have only heard wonderful things about Don and the whole reservation.
  10. hs745 Member

    i've never hunted on the reservation,but have hunted ducks in the missouri river out of both santee,and springfield sd. for 35 years....i have not had any problems in the marsh....all one has to do is follow common sence when setting up and have respect for others.....i don't care where someone is from as long as equal respect is shown....everyone owns public land and everyone should respect the right to use it..tresspassing on private land is what bothers me.....
  11. BlastnCast16 Active Member

    so mad dog did you feel really big and bad and type that up one night and now you understand your not and have no proof. or were you in a drunken haze. to scared to respond now? your one post really looks bad.

    dont like public land go find private with that attitude you wont find any !!!
  12. Fishingnerd33 Member

    You know what they say about arguing over the internet and the Special Olympics... :shocked:


    Seriously though, I'd recommend having some sort of hard evidence of the things you're saying before putting it out there for all to see. I don't have any experience in the area at all and could care less who's right and who's wrong, just don't like seeing peoples' names being dragged through the poo without anything to back it up.

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