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How much round up per acre?

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by Bulldog16, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Bulldog16 New Member

    Getting ready to spray CRP that I just mowed. It is one acre....how much round up do I need to buy to spray and kill the grass and weeds before I disc it?
  2. Labwhisperer Active Member

    With my atv sprayer 14 gallons. I can spray a one acre field with 14 gallons. I put 4oz to the gallon and get a total kill. 52oz to 14 gallons of water. I know a few guys that spray at 2 and 3 oz to a gallon and get a kill.
  3. huntingfreak Well-Known Member

    We use 3 ounces to the gallon where I work and it always work
  4. Bulldog16 New Member

    Thank's guys...I appreciate it!
  5. knee jerk Member

    The detailed book that comes with Glyphosate 41% (Roundup) states up to 5 qt./acre depending on plant height and species.

    Can I ask why you want to spray before discing?

    Glyphosate works best on actively growing young plants and may take 2 weeks for a complete kill. Since it's already been mowed, go ahead and disc then spray the new growth right before or immediately after planting (before your desired plants emerge).
  6. Bulldog16 New Member

    There is a lot to kill so we are spraying prior to discing...will probably re-spray if necessary after planting...going to spray....this evening...then wait two weeks to disc, plant and fertilize.

    Planting Imperial whitetail clover and will probably hand seed some annuals just for the hell of it. :)
  7. knee jerk Member

    That should knock the snot outta the weeds and competing grasses. I've got a small plot that is really overgrown too. I might try roundup ready beans next year just to get it to a manageable level. I planted Pheasant Forever habitat seed this year but, with the lack of rain here it was overtaken by weeds. Best of luck.

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