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How do I paint my bow?

Discussion in 'BowFishing' started by Noobshooter, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Noobshooter New Member

    I just got home from picking up an Oneida screaming eagle and i was wondering how to repaint it. I know it can be done. If anyone has any experience in this please help.
  2. Hyland73 New Member

    Take it all down, then depending on the quality of the original finish, either lightly sand the paint or have it media blasted. If you can get down to the black paint under the camo, that stuff is a bear to remove and lasts forever, just paint over it. As for paint, when I did mine, I used some of that ultra flat black camo spray paint in at least 3 coats. I've seen everything else done to them from textured spray paint to high quality airbrushing to Duracoat to powder coating.
  3. Noobshooter New Member

    I played with it a little bit last night when i got home but i havnt completely figured out how to take it apart. I will have to look at it some more.

    As a side note does any one know how hard it is to adjust the draw length? Its a good inch short. I may have to just adjust my shot
  4. Hyland73 New Member

    How hard it is to adjust depends on the original draw length. Most adjustments can be done with a simple cable change.

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