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Had my personal best coon calling today!

Discussion in 'Trapping, Varmint, And Small Game Hunting' started by Pro-Hunt, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. Pro-Hunt Member

    Had to go by myself this morning but it turned out to be great day of calling none the less. Always more fun with other people though.

    Shot 2 sets of triples, 2 sets of doubles and some singles for my personal best day of calling. The second picture will tell you how many I ended up with.


  2. How far away from the den tree do you usually sit? Or do you not target a single den tree and just a area of trees?
  3. Pro-Hunt Member

    I target single trees unless there are more than one right by each other(within 15-20 yards). Then set the caller kind of in the middle of them all.
    I set the caller around 5-10 yards away from the tree. I sit around 15-20 yards away most times. Depends on how much stuff is grown up around the area. I make sure I am somewhat hidden but still have plenty of shooting lanes.
  4. This is awesome, I didnt realize calling coons during the day worked this well. What kind of call set-up do you use? What call do you use? Do you shoot the coons with a shotgun or a .22? I might have to try this out.
  5. Pro-Hunt Member

    I will send you a PM with how I go about it. I have had several people ask a lot of questions on different forums so I typed some thing up that hopefully covers all of it.
  6. Sandman79 Member

    Could you pass that along to me please?? Thanks!
  7. thumpper Member

    Me to please for I'm curious. (can't shoot them but be fun to play with if coyotes aren't active)
  8. Pro-Hunt Member

    On its way guys.
  9. tmrschessie Moderator

    Too bad you don't put them up. Tom
  10. old oat Member

    me to Pro Hunt
  11. mhamsa New Member

    Me too pro hunt!
  12. Pro-Hunt Member

    On its way.
  13. CAMOMAN New Member

    I wouldn't mind learning a little too. I've tried the last two years making probably 100 stands and have yet to see it work. It simply doesn't work in my area for some reason. I can call coyotes like a dream but coon are a different story. Coon are easy to call at night though, but not in the day around here.
  14. Pro-Hunt Member

    I will send you a PM with how I go about it. The most important thing is finding good den trees.
  15. CAMOMAN New Member

    Thanks for the info, that's pretty much exactly what i was doing. Still not sure why I never had any luck all those days, I know there were coon in the trees I called because one day I called all day and never called anything then that night I went out after dark and called the exact same trees and killed 9 in about 2 1/2 hrs of calling. Not sure what it is but they will NOT come out during the day. Oh well, guess I'll stick to what works. lol.
  16. wolfer 1 Member

    clue me in also,if you would pro hunt, thanks
  17. Pro-Hunt Member

    On its way.
  18. Mind sending that pm to me too prohunt??? You should start charging for the secret, lol you could be rich!!!
  19. jgtrain4 Member

    i would like to know to please
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