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Email notifications

Discussion in 'Forum Technical Help / Support' started by brentbullets, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. brentbullets Active Member

    I am not receiving emails for new posts that I am subscribed to. Not a big deal as I will usually check the site anyway but just wondering why. I did check my settings and there are set to notify me by email.
  2. Willhuntforfood Well-Known Member

  3. ArizonaNative Member

    http://www.huntingne.com/forum/subscription.php will show your subscriptions. If you don't want email updates any longer, delete the topics to which you no longer want to be subscribed or change the subscription type.

    brentbullets you could use the same link to make sure the topics you want email updates on are in fact set to automatically email you upon reply.
  4. Scott G. Owner Hunting Nebraska Outdoors Forum

    Did you check your junk mail?
  5. brentbullets Active Member

    Yes, I have checked everything. I am getting them from other forums and regular emails.
  6. brentbullets Active Member

    Got last email from this site at 5:06 PM Friday night.
  7. Scott G. Owner Hunting Nebraska Outdoors Forum

    Ok, I will look into the settings. Not sure why you are not receiving them. Sorry for the inconvenience. Will get back to you.
  8. Scott G. Owner Hunting Nebraska Outdoors Forum

    OK, I think I have this fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any other issues. Thanks.
  9. brentbullets Active Member

    Thank you, its working now. Was it something on my end?
  10. Scott G. Owner Hunting Nebraska Outdoors Forum

    Nope, it was global. For some reason a setting was changed during a recent software upgrade.

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