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Did Rush Cross the Line Yesterday?

Discussion in 'Political Forum' started by Shorty, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Shorty Active Member

    I think he did, and I did hear his comments while at lunch.

    Reactions to Rush Limbaugh's Obama/Hitler comparison - Glenn Greenwald - Salon.com

    Godwin's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  2. tmrschessie Moderator

    Looks like that site is pretty far left and quote democratic sources only. Tom
  3. Shorty Active Member

    I would get you a right wing source but apparently most are remaining silent in solidarity with Rush and are not reporting it.


    BTW - did Pelosi cross the line as well?



    Rush: Health Care Logo Like Nazi Image

    Rush Limbaugh flunks Graphic Design 101 | Culture Monster | Los Angeles Times

    We're Not Paid 'GOP Hacks' - Greta Van Susteren | On The Record With Greta - FOXNews.com
    White House Warns Rush: Nazi Talk Puts You On "Thin Ice"
  4. Tmjohnson21 Member

    Im confused as to what Rush actually said.
  5. Shorty Active Member

    Maybe this will help.

    Daily Dose - ADL Condemns Nazi Slurs in Health-Care Debate

  6. Tmjohnson21 Member

    Rush is full of Sh1t. He constantly crosses the line and this is just one of many incidents.
  7. obert1 Administrator

    He gets paid to entertain, what do you expect him to do?
  8. Tmjohnson21 Member

    I agree, but he is still a citizen of the United States.
  9. obert1 Administrator

    I could seriously care less about what Rush or some internet user says about comparing Bush or Obam to Hitler. I think there are a lot more important issues to worry about. Rush likes attention, even if it is negative attention.
  10. HeadHunter Well-Known Member

  11. Tmjohnson21 Member

    I agree totally ....that what keeps the ratings up and the pay check fat!
  12. Shorty Active Member

    I am pretty sure that if this had been Bill Maher making Hitler/Nazi comparisons to George Bush on his show when Bush was in office that you would be outraged Obert. The office of the President deserves some respect and there are certain lines you don't cross.
  13. whisker Management Staff

    New movie release - fall 2009
    Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck starring in:
    Brokeback Broadcasters
  14. tmrschessie Moderator

    The office of the president gets due respect, the dirt ball in there has to earn it.
  15. bowonly Well-Known Member

    Exactly right! So far the guys done absolutely nothing to deserve to be called the President of the USA.
  16. Tmjohnson21 Member

    He has done a h3ll of a lot more than Bush....but thats your beliefs. What he hasn't done is try and eliminate an entire race....therefore Rush i way out of line.
  17. obert1 Administrator

    I honestly wouldn't care.
  18. tmrschessie Moderator

    He has done nothing compared to what President Bush done.... the thugs and bullies obama has hired, the tax cheats, wife abusers, arcon supporters, lieing two toungned speaker who supports him you have to be kidding me. Dimiss the black panther case, hide his place of birth, his acculation of wealth, ....here listen to this guy a phd and
    what he thinks of your hero...

    Trona Swafford
  19. obert1 Administrator

    I thought this quote by my favorite President fit here (can anyone name this Pres?)

  20. knee jerk Member

    I completely agree. The best thing you can do is be critical of his decisions while in office. It'll make him think. There's always time to defend his actions after he gets out.

    BTW I had to Google the quote to find out who said it.

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