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Day time coon calling.....

Discussion in 'Trapping, Varmint, And Small Game Hunting' started by tmrschessie, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. tmrschessie Moderator

    Well yesterday I went "daytime coon calling" for the very first time. There are videos showing coons just come out right away, attack the speaker, or caller. Well we started off at a couple of my good spots, The gentleman (not to be further identified) set up and indicated this should be a great location, that turned out to be famous last words....Well after about 10 minutes nothing, so we moved down river to another spot. Set up and he indicated...this should be a great location...10 minutes and nothing. So I told him where some coon holed up in the bank of the river....3 holes looking right at us, caller with moving decoy going.....nothing. My friend was getting some what distraught...."I don't know what is going on I would have sworn we would have gotten one here"....We loaded up and changed areas....to make a long story short...nothing. Next we tried an abandoned house in the center of a section...part of the porch roof sagging to the ground "should be a great location...10 minutes and nothing. We went back to the truck there were no less than 6 well used holes in trees near the truck, I said lets just fire the caller up on the hood of the truck....nothing.....Now we were getting towards the end of the day and I had been keeping the honey hole for last just in case we had an off day...
    Huge cotton woods, den holes through out, old house with fresh tracks going under the foundation, coon toliet, running water in a brook that surfaces on the property.....2 sets and nothing.

    Well this is how predator hunting can go. There are good days and great days...good, we were outdoors trying something new, for me anyhow. Got to meet a new hunting friend and show him some of my turf...Now before you go saying he did not know what to do or how to do it, he has taken a couple dozen coon calling when the sun is up this season. He has a foxpro and a moving decoy. We were in prime coon locations. Just some days you don't get to drop the hammer, so to speak. Maybe next time...Tom
    P.S. We will try for coyotes and bobcats next time.

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  2. fishfur Member

    You should have been using a Minska call. Haven't you seen their video?:laugh2:
  3. tmrschessie Moderator

    ...There are videos showing coons just come out right away, attack the speaker, or caller.... That is what I was kind of refering to. Have not seen it yet but look forward to watching the "pro's" do it....LOL
  4. Pro-Hunt Member

    I was a waitin for this thread!! LOL:yes2:

    I still can't figure out why the heck we didn't see any!!:HNEholymoly:
    That honestly was the first time I have not called at least a couple out.:confused:

    The wife will have the "crumblin coons" dvd at work on Monday for you. She will not be there until after 1:00 on Monday. She will just keep it there until you can make it in to pick it up so don't make a special trip in to town just for that.

    It was a good time meeting a new friend and doing some hunting but man is it frustrating when you tell someone about some thing and then it doesn't work.
    Here is a picture from one of my day hunts. I was only out for a couple hours too. The dog was not with me hunting but wanted to be in the picture. LOL

  5. tmrschessie Moderator

    Nice bunch of coons Dave, are most of them sows, really nice size on them, especially the two end ones...we need to get out and do it again real soon. Thanks for the great afternoon. What model is that foxpro? I am toying with that or the minaska.....Tom
  6. Pro-Hunt Member

    I have the FX-3. Any time you want to go just let me know.
  7. coyote_buster New Member

    That sounds fun,do you wear camo and hide like you would if coyote hunting or can you just stand at a distance, what gun do you prefer, would a shotgun be good, have any of you read the last few issues of Outdoor Life, they had a section at the end of one of the coyote hunting articles about coons, does it work better if you go toward evening or doesn't it matter as long as you are close.
  8. fishfur Member

    Please, NEVER shoot a coon with a shotgun.:cry:
  9. tmrschessie Moderator

    A shotgun will work but it will also devalue the hide to the point of not being marketable...(the fur buyer won't take it)

    We did camo up a bit but not as much as if coyote hunting. We stayed in the shadows and had brush to break up our outline. I have not read the article you are refering to and can not yet tell you what time of day is best....but will let you know as soon as I get it figured out...LOL Best of luck in your hunting. Tom
  10. HAMMER Member

    My buddy and I have been calling coons in the daytime for the last couple of years. It is a blast! Anytime of day works fine if the coons are there. All you need for a gun is .22or my favorite 17hmr. Just make sure they can't see you or your truck because they will shy just like a coyote. Also, make sure they come all the way out of the hole before you shoot, it's never fun trying to dig a big ole coon out of a hole. Good Luck!
  11. cmhanks New Member

    More information on calling coon in the daytime. I am so ignorant on this subject it hurts. I have seen them out in the day time when on a deer stand but seldom. I sure would like more info.
  12. tmrschessie Moderator

    Get the "Crumblin'Coons Vol 1 by Minaska Outdoors, I am watching it now for the first time and it is neat....Tom

    P.S. Thanks Dave
  13. Pro-Hunt Member

    Hey, no problem on the dvd. Keep it as long as you would like.
    I got out this afternoon for some coon calling. It was pretty tough again.
    I managed to just get one. Shot one other one but made a bad shot and it got back around the tree and in its hole before I could get another shot off. Had another one come out of a hole in a pond bank but went back in before I could get a shot. Had 2 others peek out of another tree but no chance for a shot. Called a few bank holes with no luck and some other trees with no luck either. Thought with it being sunny and warmer it would have been better. Oh well; guess that is why it is called hunting and not killing.:unsure:
  14. coyote_buster New Member

    I got whole bunch of friends to agree that sunday we will go raid old buildings for them, the people on the inside will have bats to defend ourselves because a couple people in a building shooting guns reminds me of a casket for some odd reason, then we will have people on post outside shooting the runners, we are going to videotape it.
  15. tmrschessie Moderator

    Hope you guys have a safe outing and permission to be there. But be careful, the guns and the coons can be dangerous. Tom
  16. coyote_buster New Member

    Yeah, we are going to talk about how far the coons need to be before we can safely shoot and all the places are ones I already trap, dads, or the neighbors but I will ask them here in the next few days before we go.
  17. SetandSnare New Member

    Yeah I have the DVD "Crumplin' Coons" also from the guys at Minaska. They're out of wahoo I think which is really close to me. Their calls are super expensive though.
  18. tmrschessie Moderator

    S&S. Yes the electronic callers are expensive, that is why I still use a mouth call most of the time....

    CB, did you and your friends get out for a few coon? Tom
  19. coyote_buster New Member

    I had a migrane that day and was feeling pretty down, and I was the only one who knew where the places were so we didn't get out, might just get one of my friends some day and peek in the barns and sheds and see whats in them, that way we only got to split the profits twice instead of six ways.:v_SPIN:,
  20. tmrschessie Moderator

    Sure glad you stayed home to get better. Maybe a couple cage traps will tell you what is in there...Tom

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