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Custom decoys from North Carolina

Discussion in 'Outdoor Photography' started by OBX, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. OBX Active Member

    Annual decoy carving contest at Harker's Island NC.
  2. BoB_25 Active Member

    very nice. it would be neat to see some closeup pics.
  3. OBX Active Member

  4. OBX Active Member

  5. Venus Homes New Member

    Wow these are beautiful.. I want to visit it soon.
  6. OBX Active Member

  7. Volstandigkeit Active Member

    Hopefully I'll get out that way next season. I know I'll get to hunt with Brian Watkins at least once. Might try and swing down your way too. I actually miss the coast, just don't tell my wife.
  8. OBX Active Member

    Come on!

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