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Cheap Box Traps?

Discussion in 'Trapping, Varmint, And Small Game Hunting' started by earlybird, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. earlybird Member

    We are having a small coon problem and want to do some trapping but I need multiple traps and foots are not an option. I am just having a hard time spending $50 on a trap that is going to take 8 coons to pay it off. Any help is welcome.
  2. chopper Member

    Where you located? How about some dog proof traps and adjust your bait/lure to only target coon. Where Im at, it is very populated and always that chance for a dog. At certain spots I only use sweets and no fish or fish oils. There are lots of other options and ideas. Every situation is different! Just ask more questions.
  3. tmrschessie Moderator

    The " lil getzer" trap is about the easiest to use of the dog resistant traps on the market. As chopper stated using a sweet bait will help keep non target animals out of the traps.
    Remeber the DP traps will still take skunks, opposum, cats, and some smaller breeds of dogs can fire some varities.
    At the current market, you would make about $80 for 8 coon, that is a $30 dollar profit.

    Let us know your location and maybe we can help. Tom
  4. tmrschessie Moderator

    Oh and a cheap box trap will be torn apart by a coon...Tom
  5. coyote_buster New Member

    Even Cheap Cage traps do, I bought an advantex for thirty dollars and it came with a rabbit trap and its broken now.
  6. tmrschessie Moderator

    Yep, you get what you pay for even when buying traps. Tom
  7. coyote_buster New Member

    The Little Giant Brand is a tuffy though. I've caught some mad coons with it and they don't hurt it a bit, The thing I look for is wether the trigger rod thing is on the inside or outside, on the outside the coon might crawl around the trap to try getting the bait and step on the trigger rod and set of the trap without a catch, and if its on the inside make sure there is something holding it so they cant play with it much and bend it. and make sure you can latch the door so it can free swing because that is nice if you get a skunk.
  8. tmrschessie Moderator

    Good point CB, I have some that the coon have dismantaled the trigger rod from the trigger plate and then bent the plate so bad I had to make a new one....Tom
  9. kellyt New Member

    i would advise trying a 220 conibear trap if there arent many dogs that run free where you want to trap. dig a hole in the bank, place some bait in the back and set it at the mouth. they dont pull out.
    Victor Conibear Traps
  10. kellyt New Member

    you can put them on bale piles as well so that a dog cant reach them.
  11. tmrschessie Moderator

    Kelly, be cautious on bale piles as dogs can and do jump up on them. Maybe try the leaning tree set with the 220 conibears and lay a trail of fish oil up the log. Make sure it is at least 7 to 8 inches wide, and not much more so the coon don't crawl around it or under it . Hope this gives you some ideas. Tom
  12. BPbowhunter Member

    Tom, can you describe the leaning tree set for me?
  13. tmrschessie Moderator

    Yes, Place a limb that is 7 or 8 inches in diameter into a crotch of another treee (or wire it at the correct angle) then with that limb secured top and bottom so it will not move, you can place your 220 coni box or bucket as high off the ground as you need to be legal and to keep dogs out of them.
    You can make or purchace screw in coni holders that work well also.
    Then squirt some fish oil up the log. bait (a chunk of fish or a can of cat food) can be wired beyond the trap also.

    I ususally put some grass or weeds over the bait to keep it from drying out as fast.

    Note: if you are short like I am, make the complete set on the ground then raise the limb, make sure you take the safety's off of the trap before raising it to the correct angle and position. The limb/log has to be big enough to alow the coon to climb on top and not swing under thus missing your trap.

    Once in place this set will last a long time and it does take coon.
  14. BPbowhunter Member

    Thanks, that's gonna work perfect for the place im gonna trap at.

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