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Bowfish lights set up

Discussion in 'BowFishing' started by Big Daddy, May 17, 2012.

  1. Big Daddy Member

    Before I go out and just start buying lights and a generator I wanted to get some input from you guys. Never really bowfished much before other than with a spotlight and someone else shooting. I have a pontoon with trolling motor and wanted to attach some lights to the rail top.

    I don't plan on adding a shooting platform or anything, but what kind of lights / generator size to you recommend. Would your basic halogens from Menards work fine?

    Any recommendations appreciated.
  2. Sorny BON Board of Director

    I run the el cheapo halogens from menards and they work just fine. But they take a lot of juice and that means a big generator. I run 6 500w halos on a 3500 watt genny. Probably would be fine with 300w lights though.
  3. Big Daddy Member

    I would probably run the same......four up front and two on the side towards the front. They have a Champion weekenders 3500 genie with wheel cart on sale for $329 or I did find a 6 month old 6250 Black Max for $400. Any one have any experience with either of these for noise level?

    Sorny....on your lights did you splice them together or just use multiple plug?
  4. Sorny BON Board of Director

    My lights are all spliced into one and ran on the big plug that has the mose amps. I run the 3500-4000 peak champion. It's no honda, but it aint too bad. I would seriously look into running a couple more lights and run them with 300w bulbs.
  5. Big Daddy Member

    Sounds good.....thanks for the help.
  6. Big Daddy Member

    Probably a lot of opinions here, but what are the best lights to run? Edited this one.....just found a lights thread a few pages before.
  7. leathal injection Active Member

    Menards has a new led.s work lamp, for 39.99, I forget the lumens but they are very high. I talk to an electrician, he thinks I could run two of them all night with one battery. That's the route I'm going to try this summer.
  8. Sorny BON Board of Director

    Check out bowfishingcountry.com You could read for days on different light setups on there. They have an entire section dedicated to lighting. LEDS are the new popular thing to hit bowfishing. Silence would be awesome!
  9. Big Daddy Member

    Wonder if I could run the LED's on the dual battery bank I already have set up with charger for the trolling motor?
  10. Sorny BON Board of Director

    yes, but I wouldn't expect to run from dark to dawn with the lights and troller on the same set of batteries. But if your looking to go out for 3-4 hours that would probably work damn good.
  11. Big Daddy Member

    I think I may have to try that.......most times only going out for 2 or 3 hours anyway on our lake. It's very clear up to 10 to 12 foot water so sounds like leds would work well. I think I'm going to try 4 of the 50 led's and hook up to the existing battery bank. That way I pull up to the lift and plug in the existing charger and be done with it. For any of the electicians out there how would you suggest connecting them? Can they be wired direct? or need a switch or fuse of some sort?
  12. leathal injection Active Member

    You'll have to get a power inverter, if you go with the lights I'm talking about, they run on 110ac. I'm going to run mine together, but switch them separatly, my inverter has a built in fuse, and I will run my motor on separate battery.
  13. buck25 New Member

    i got a 3500 watt champion genny from tractor supply for 300 bucks you could try them. the genny has been good to me. that is if you decide to do the generator route i guess. Silence would be nice but my battery's aleady die from just the troller and i don't want to deal with lights dying as well. I'm used to the drone of the genny by now anyways. I set up a platform on a pontoon and it works awesome!

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