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Blue Tongue - EHD

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by loc, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. loc Active Member

    Anybody else hearing about a blue tongue outbreak. I have found 6 dead deer in the last week along the Platte River near Columbus. I keep hearing people talking about blue tongue.
  2. 1986 Ducker Active Member

    There is an outbreak of EHD that is currently rampant in Nebraska. Please report this to the nearest G&P represenative as documentation is a priority on this matter.
  3. meadowhunter Member

    Haven't see or heard of any outbreaks. Only dead deer I've seen have been laying next to roads. And they smell delicious.
  4. arch Active Member

    buddy is out in montana for the summer and said they've still been finding 'em out there.
  5. Montana Husker New Member

    Arch....where in Montana? I live up along the Milk river near Glasgow and havent heard of any blue tongue this year. Are you talking about carcassas from last year when the whitetail heard was almost eliminated up this way?
  6. arch Active Member

    could not tell you the exact area he's in. but im pertty sure its not milk river area. they've found a couple that he "suspected". i'll try to get an exact area the next time i talk to him. the picture he sent me looked pretty fresh (this years carcass), 2-1/2 yr old buck in velvet.
  7. arch Active Member

    okay M.H., got a hold of him via text. he's working out of Libby, said they found 2 east of town a couple hrs. However, even though they were close to water, both were about 50-100 yds off the highway. Wardens were notified but now they thought most likely vehicular killing. They hadnt heard anything back for sure. Sorry for the false report!
  8. Found one dead in a pond and one dead in our creek near Silver Creek. :(

    And smelled 2 others that are dead somewhere along our creek.
  9. Quinton pohl Member

    A Game warden in Kearney told me that they've have had reports of Blue tongue in 20 deer in our area and i know of 5+ more that havent been reported/ Not good!!!!
  10. buck hunter Active Member

    Where would your area be?
  11. loc Active Member

    Talked to the Game Warden today and it looks like it is pretty much running the length of the Platte River. Not looking good at all.
  12. DirtyHandsRob Member

  13. IBHuntn New Member

    I've heard cases around Columbus, and a friend of mine said they found 10 dead deer in a 3 mile stretch along the Platte by Central City, NE.
  14. fishman34 Member

    Found this guy dead just south of Waverly yesterday.......right by a dry culvert, and I'm guessing he was looking for water....been dead awhile, but still in velvet...and a damn nice deer :(

  15. Krag1902 Member

    I found four dead deer just north of Lincoln today. Common denominator? All found on sandbars in the middle of the creek. Two weeks ago I saw a nice ( NICE) buck bedded on a sandbar and when he ran away I could tell he was sick. Last Sunday I bumped into him again, this time he was directly under a bridge. Today I found him dead, I's say four or five days. All four deer found in a mile of creek, and these were the ones that made it to water.
  16. 1986 Ducker Active Member

    EHD or blue tongue typically kills a deer within 48 hours...the disease hits fast and takes an animal quickly.May have been a different disease that killed your buck if you saw him with symptoms 2 weeks ago.
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  17. Montana Husker New Member

    EHD is truly a miserable thing. Last year up here along the Milk river in Montana, we lost over 90% of our whitetail heard, first came a long snowy winter, then we had major flooding all spring and alot of the summer. This provided the perfect conditions for the midge that spreads EHD, a friend of mine who works the irrigation canal was finding huge trophy bucks one after another in the canal. Alfafa fields where I could see 100 deer a night a couple of years ago, now have a handful, hope this does not hit Nebraska as hard as it did here. I imagine the drought is putting major stress on wildlife too.
  18. hottdogg Member

    Lots of dead deer being found in the abie- linwood Ne area also around Prague could be a pretty slim year!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. A friend of mine was mowing from one treestand to another a distance of 400 yards by the platte river and he found 9 dead deer from blue tongue
  20. Nebbuckhunter Active Member

    Didn't walk too much of the creek beds this past weekend while checking cameras. But in the little amount we did, we found a dead deer in the bottom of the dry creek bed. I don't want to know how many other deer we would have found had we walked the entire length of the creek.

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