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Best Pellet smoker/grill?????

Discussion in 'The Huntingne Chuckwagon' started by ducks-inn, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. ducks-inn Member

    I'm looking at getting my first Pellet smoker/grill. For this area and cost I think I'm looking at a Green mountain or Treager. Just thought I would open this up for comment and hopefully draw for others experience. Open to all recommendations. I would like to stay below $1000.00 and still be able to grill on it. That's one of the things drawing me to the Green mountain. I'm really looking forward to smok'n some back straps though.
  2. Tiffany New Member

    For a pellet smoker/grill you can't go wrong with a Treager

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  3. bret Member

    I'm going to violate both of your conditions. It is not a pellet smoker and I don't think it is under 1K, but I would vote for a Big Green Egg if you could afford it. My dad just bought one and it is an insulated miracle. It is basically like running an oven it maintains even heat so well. The best part is that it maintains even, consistent heat for hours and hours with nothing but one batch of charcoal and wood - no gas, no electric, no pellets...Not that pellet smoke is bad by any means. The Egg just pretty darn amazing.
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  4. ducks-inn Member

    Taffany, Have you grilled steaks and burgers on your treager? My Dad had an early treager and it just never seemed to get hot enough. I also have a friend with one that recommended I keep my propane grill for steaks and burgers.
  5. Hannon17 Member

    Green Mountain!! Hands Down better than treager. Ive had both. Green mountain is more like a oven cause it holds the temp for hours. It can also get up to 500 degress were treager can hardly get to 400 and it cant stay there. Just my opinion
  6. ducks-inn Member

    Thanks Hannon, I just purchase a GM this weekend I picked it up used from an old dealer. You could tell he only used 2 maybe three times. I was wondering though, when you grill at the high temps does your fan pulse? I noticed that until the temp gets stabilized the fan seems to pulse from high to low.
  7. timber_junky New Member

    wood fired brick ovens cook from 350 to 850 degrees. If you want to build it yourself for 500 bucks its the ultimate entertainment/oven/party piece!

    but it wouldnt help with the smoking, but you can make one fanfreakintastic venison pepporoni pizza with it!
  8. ducks-inn Member

    Well I've had the Green mountain now for about 2 months, I have smoke pork, chicken, and even tried a beef roast. I've grilled steak, burger, chicken and salmon. Everything I put on it has come off delicious. I even smoked some jerky on it, took it to work and it barely made it past noon before it was all gone...that was 10 lbs of jerky to. Tones of recipes on-line and easy to work, would recommend to anyone.
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  9. hermanfred New Member

    Lang BBQ smokers are the best smokers.There are different models for BBQ 36'',28'' to 108''. I have been using it for hog roasts from long time . i liked the hybrid model.

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