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2012 Trail Cam Pictures

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by obert1, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. huntin247 Member

    Would you shoot this deer????
    nontyp1.jpg nontyp2.jpg nontyp3.jpg nontyp4.jpg
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  2. arch Active Member

    most likely. either injury or genetics caused this probably. if he's mature, im flying a stick.
  3. loc Active Member

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  4. napasters Member

    Thinks the last few years of not shooting bucks is starting to pay off. Have a few good ones to chose from this season.[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
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  5. SP!DER Member

    Some more pictures




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  6. Flatcoats Administrator

    If this deer makes it through EHD, he's gonna get stuck. Certainly wouldnt be my largest, but Im diggin the tight rack with a lot of mass, plus the double throat patch will look sweet.

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  7. cwbyz21 New Member

    First pics I got this year. Dates are wrong. Didn't get camera up until August 1st. Really like the 4x4. Had to scan in daytime images. For some reason those are too big of files to upload. Scan0003.jpg Scan0004.jpg 3bucks (1).JPG 3bucks (2).JPG 3bucks (3).JPG 5x5 and Whitey (3).JPG
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  8. Ace New Member

    got a couple new bucks comming in now the grey one looks kinda old i think not sure though doesnt really have a big body and still have the same 2 bruisers comming back just hopeing they keep it up so i can throw an arrow at them

    097.JPG 100.JPG 061.JPG 070.JPG 031.JPG
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  9. christano New Member

    Good picture.
  10. loc Active Member

  11. Bam8301 Member

  12. SP!DER Member

    Whats up with this does legs and back side?
  13. loc Active Member

    Looks like that doe is having a hard time holding her mud. She probably has the EHD
  14. SP!DER Member

    She has looked like that for the last month.
  15. Bum1991 New Member

    SUNP0008.JPG SUNP0010.JPG First pics of the year!
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  16. buck hunter Active Member

    Bum, very nice!!! good luck on putting them beasts on the ground!
  17. napasters Member

    He showed his face during the day time. Just hope it happens during season.[IMG]
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  18. buck hunter Active Member

    Have not had a decent buck on cam for 3 weeks... I think there all dead, checked one cam yest. and had 30 pics in a week, usually theres 300-400... Not good
  19. Ace New Member

    i just took my camera down and put it on another property to see what ive got there options are always good lol..........next week we will see what we got on our new stretch of land:)
  20. jb243 New Member

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