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Jul 7, 2014
Apr 8, 2007
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Moderator, from South Central Nebraska

tmrschessie was last seen:
Jul 7, 2014
    1. swizzlestix76

      My name is Dustin Favinger from Cozad...In several posts you have indicated an interest in beagling for rabbits. I have 3 year old female who hunts well. I have not hunted my dog in a pack, but would like the opportunity to do so. I am looking to find some folks who are also interested in running beagles/bassets after some bunnies this winter. I am willing to host or travel. I would like to get a few guys on board and be able to run some hounds together. If you are interested send me an email to swizzlestix76@hotmail.com and we can set something up.
    2. sliverslinger
      Hey Tom, This is Josh, Just thought that I would hop on and check out the site. Seems pretty interesting. I enjoyed looking through your photo albums. Those are some good lookin critters in there. We'll talk to you later
    3. Travis
      Hi Tom this is Travis hear in hastings so hows trappin goin? I have not done any trapping yet this year im going to hit it hard this fall.
    4. trappin@rock
      Tom my phone # is 402-499-2816. raining hard here in wahoo guess iam glad not to have sets out yet!
    5. Bob custer
      ok tom,, well hope you can make it ,, liked having you around to bs with ,, enjoyed company , but , if get new job , hope all works out well for you ,,been busy here ,, end of yr for school always hectic ,, and daughter moving soo , will be fun around here for a bit ,, later my friend bob
      Nice pictures.
      Give me a call sometime - we can talk CBR's Mark 308 383 3745
      Last critter I trapped was a v opossum behind my house about a month ago.
      Mark G.
    7. Countrykid
      Im from Norfolk, about 10 minutes away from gilette stadium in Foxboro.
    8. minnesotascott
      Howdy my friend, its been long time since i have been to this site
    9. trapper JR
      did you hear how lb5 turned out today
    10. Bob custer
      no chat room tonight??? cannot find it ,,, lol
    11. grizzly_construction
      Hello tom do you know of any trapping supply places close to grand island since dub's closed
      thought i would drop you a line. Pup is doing well and and enjoying our mild winter so far. I am guessing that you are getting ready for trapping season. Me to, just sand blasted my traps that got a little to much and re waxing. How have things been going up there. It is kinda iffy right now but may be coming up in january after some roosters. Of course will be across the state from where you are. I just have to see how my money pans out right now. Keep in touch and feel free to email on my other address
    13. yotekiller
      hey tom i'm gonna head down there today if ya want you can give me a 402 322 0688
    14. buckbuster1987
      Im from silvercreek osceola area? just started trapping last year. Cant seem to catch much other than tons of coon. I guess thats how to learn though.
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    the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing....

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    South Central Nebraska
    Retired Army 1SG, former combat U.S.Marine

    Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, Antiques