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Nov 3, 2013
Mar 12, 2010
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define work ?

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Active Member, from Nebraska

Labwhisperer was last seen:
Nov 3, 2013
    1. muddy river
      Glad to hear you're still shooting fish. My spots are all closed off due to flooding. Tear it up!
    2. 2labs
      Whats he been into?? EVERYTHING!!!
    3. 2labs
      I tried to PM & email you some of them that I have, but couldn't get them to link up off my computer. Will have to upload em into an album when I get time. Then you should be able to download em right out of the gallery or my profile page I would think. Keep checking my profile to see when I get the album completed.

      One of my favorite quotes: "****** with a gun" from Punked
    4. 2labs
      That might be my new puppy. Gonna pick him up on Fri. The one sitting higher in the bucket is in the running as well as the one sitting highest in the ammo box & one other in the box. I've got pics of the litter in the new album I created the other day. Check em out. How do you choose from all those pups? lol I wish I could get the animation to work for my avitars but so far it only works in my signature pics. However, the ****** will be back sometime. Did you find any of the avitars on the net?
    5. 2labs
      Dont know the name of the website but I googled Free Labrador Avitars. That led me to the link where I found some of these. The guitar avitars are from my own guitar collection or from a ws I frequent. I'm sort of a guitar pervert, as I've been a musician for most of 35 yrs.
    6. 2labs
      Anyone with a name like labwhisperer, has got to be a good guy. AAA+++
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    A good hunting partner doesn't complain when it's: too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too early, too late, but will razz you when you miss........Thats why I like my dog!!!!


    define work ?
    Blue collar waterfowler

    hunting, dog training, long range shooting