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hunters Helping the Hungry Program

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August 20, 2012


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hunters Helping the Hungry Program

Hunters Helping the Hungry program was created in April, 2012 with the Nebraska Legislature’s passage of LB 928.

The purpose of the program is to provide free ground venison to needy Nebraskans. The program will be funded by donations that are used to pay administrative and processing costs. The program will be administered by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The Commission will select meat processors and meat distribution agencies or organizations to process and distribute meat according to rules and regulations established by the Commission.

Legislation dictates that program costs can be paid for only with donated funds.  So, the number of deer to be processed will be directly determined by the donated funds available at the beginning of a program year, the fair market price, and the projected expenses for a full year.  To ensure program costs do not exceed donated funds, the Commission will then contract with processors individually to process a specific number of deer.  The Commission will select processors to participate in the program based on their location, the number of deer the processor is willing to process, and the availability of a nonprofit organization to pick up and distribute ground, frozen venison.

Selected meat processors will accept and process donated deer in accordance with the Hunters Helping the Hungry program guidelines and their individual contracts.  They will freeze and store the venison, and contact the Commission-assigned recipient to arrange for pick up.  Participating  processors may only transfer donated meat to recipients designated by the Commission.  When processors apply to participate in the program, they may also recommend a nonprofit organization to serve as recipient in their area to distribute the venison locally.

The following Omaha businesses donated a combined $30,000: the Metropolitan Utilities District, Northern Natural Gas, Tenaska Marketing Ventures, CBSHome, Woods Brothers Realty, HomeServices of America, Inc., and HOME Real Estate, as well as the David Scott Foundation.

Donated funds will cover deer processing and other program costs.

Source: NGPC

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  1. soylent green0018
    August 30, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    Not to hijack this thread, but have any of you looked into supplying some of the so called Paleo Dieters with wild meat? I would think there would be people all over the east and west coasts that would love to get there hands on some Nebraska game! Of course they would not be able to pay you FOR the meat, but what is to say they couldn't compensate you for your time and expenses to procure said meat and then give it to them? I have to think there is an opportunity there, especially for the guys who hunt and fish year round and make a living at guiding. Just saying...

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